Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TMI Tuesday 3Some Edition

Well today Hubman and I are showing off our teamwork skills. Princess Persistent got bounced from daycare with a fever yesterday so she could not go back today. Hubman and I worked things out so I could get into work at 7am and get a good 90 minutes of work done before he dropped off Princess Persistent. PP was very good hanging out in the office while I went to a meeting and got some work done.

We are now home with the plumber who is trying to figure out why the pilot light on the water heater won't stay lit. Then we have a 2:30pm doctor appointment for the little lady. Since she has a fever they want to rule out the flu.

Then I will pick up DB and we will all hang out at home until Hubman comes home. I will make a nice dinner for everyone and then I go back to work for my evening meeting.

Hopefully after all of the trading off Hubman and I will have the energy for naughty fun tonight.

Now onto the TMI! These were some really fun questions this week. Please go here to join in on the fun and find directions for submitting questions of your own.

TMI Tuesday #197 - Nonsexual Edition

1. The three words that best describe you are:
Friendly, funny, and polite. (Its hard to pick three words. Thankfully they did not ask for the best three. That would be very difficult.

2. The three words that best describe your life are:
Blissful, crazy and busy. Some days I feel like the proverbial headless chicken, but with the exception of having maid service, I would not have it any other way.

3. Your three guilty pleasures are:
Project Runway, Celebrity Gossip, and Whole Foods. I love Project Runway and its ilk and even though I know I shouldn't I love celebrity gossip. It usually makes me feel better since celebrity problems seem way more interesting than mine. And I know Whole Foods is more expensive, but I LOVE their produce, meat, breads and Sushi. And don't even get me started about their mini chocolate chip cookies.

4. The three places you would like to visit before you die are:
Italy, Japan, and Austraila.

5. The three things you would like to do before you die are:
Publish a steamy romance novel, see my grandchildren get married, and know that I left the world a better place than I found it.


  1. Poor Princess Persistent! I hope she starts feeling better. Glad you guys were able to tag team things today. It's always hard when the kids are sick.

    Great answers! I'm with you on Whole Foods & Project Runway. And the words to describe your life. Like you, I want a maid service. :-)

  2. #5 was my favorite answer.

    I hope PP is feeling better :)

  3. Oh I love that you can describe your life as blissful. Perfect!

  4. I think you and I will find the energy for naughty fun tonight ;-)

    BTW, I'm writing this as the kids are watching Wonder Pets, so now that stupid freakin' theme song is stuck in my head!

  5. I sympathize with the kid juggling. I did a bit of that last week. Things never get dull, that's for sure.
    Love you answers. I think we should plan a blogging Italy trip. It's pretty popular in the lists today.

  6. hope the little princess is feeling better and that you and hubs can get that groove on...BUT

    Your guilty pleasures...you should feel guilty...I hate those shows!!!!!!!

  7. Emmy: I think every woman wants a maid service. I am also patiently waiting for PR6.

    HB&AGP: Thank you and yes she is.

    MM: I am just very lucky.

    Hubman: What's gonna work? Teamwork!

    SW: I'm in on that trip. But only if everyone abandons their diet. There is no dieting in Italy!

    TC: Nope no guilt!

  8. Hope PP is feeling better. I am so far behind on stuff...sheesh! Oh, so love Whole Foods, way expensive but oh so decadent! I joined a CSA just to get Whole Foods quality food at a fraction of the price!

    Oh and I love Hubman's comment...I have that stupid theme song memorized!!