Monday, November 29, 2010

The Tree That Broke My Heart A Little

Chirstmas turns me into a big(ger) kid.  I love many things about the holiday, the lights, the decorations, baking, time with loved ones and of course gifts.  I love taking my time and carefully choosing gifts for my friends and families that will surprise and delight them.

I also love watching my kids on the holiday.  I love their delight in the pajama day, their enthuiasm for decorating and "Daddy, when can we get the tree?" and I love surprising them with gifts.  We have always rolled with 'Santa brings ONE gift per child and fills the stocking', and the stocking usually has those candy canes filled with m&m's and something small like a slinky.   We do not go overboard.

However during this time of year, I also like to do things to ensure that everyone has a nice Christmas.  Since DB is older, I tell him that any money he donates for the holiday will be matched by myself and Hubman, whether he goes and buys toys for Toys for Tots, or if he donates it to a specific charity.

I also enjoyed donating money towards Ashly's Toys for Tots run, and there is still time for you to do so too.

I also really get into the 'Giving Trees'.  I will pick a couple of people off the tree and get the items on it and have fun with the shopping for that.

This year we had a tree in my office.  The person running the charity is a good friend of one of the women I work with there, so I overheard her asking my co-worker to please choose an older teen because people usually pick the children off the tree and they go wanting.    I kept that thought in mind as I went to the tree and grabbed my 'older teen boy'.

I took my 'leaf' up to my office and looked at the list This is what he asked for:

(Favorite Color is brown)
Gift Card for Music
Sean John Cologne
Gift Card for Warm Clothing Store
Throw Blanket (home is very cold)
Underwear (Size L)

I know that the economy is hard and that times are tough for many, many, people.  But when I saw the teen asking for underwear for a Christmas present, I nearly cried.

Maybe I'm naive or a big softie, but seeing the list really did make me sad. For me and for the kids, I have always kept Christmas as a whimsical time,  But unless you're getting something fancy and fun, there is nothing whimsical about underwear.

So yes, I did grab my teen a pack of undies from Target.  But I think I will be throwing in a designer pair as well, because Christmas should have a little fun and whimsy, no matter how old you are.

I just wanted to remind everyone that there is still plenty of time to participate in the annual treat swap.
Just let me know in the comments or send me an email that you want to participate and we will be good to go. 

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Now I cried too. In a time when kids are asking for $300 gifts, this child wants underwear and a blanket to keep warm. It also made me smile that he wants some cologne, for the ladies I'm sure.

    On another note..I made your slow cooker apple dessert this weekend. It was yummy. Thanks!

  2. Like you, I always hate seeing that. Like you, we always snag different tags here and there. Always saddens me when a kid has to list a necessity and not something fun. I usually do exactly what you do in that situation.

  3. That is so sad. It breaks my heart. I always shop for the local funds here, I was lucky to always have Christmas as a child, even now even though I am older, I think this year I am going to make sure I help an older child as well after hearing your story.

  4. I have always enjoyed buying items for children in need from various giving trees over the years.
    I remember one year when each of the children listed were a child of a mother or father (or both) who are in prison. Many of the children are in foster homes or with grandparents and very similar to the young man's list they wanted very simple things we all take for granted. That tree broke my heart and left me wishing I could have done so much more.

  5. I just knew you'd be the voice of reason. What Santa brings is your business, but he only brings ONE gift. I almost cried when I read the kid wanted a blanket because it's cold at home. You are a little elf, aren't you!??