Monday, January 3, 2011

Back In The Saddle

After looking at the calendar, I realized that due to illness, vacation days, snow storms and holidays I have not worked a full 5 day work week in 4 weeks, with three of the weeks being three day weeks.  Between that and the fact I am getting over bronchitis, I am anticipating being a bit tired by the time I drag myself home on Friday night.

In an effort to continue the mindfulness and our healthy eating goals, starting tomorrow regular dinner time at our house has been moved from 5:30ish to 6:00pm.  I am looking forward to this change, because I usually get home around 5:10-5:20 and I am then trying to get dinner on the table in 20 minutes.  Limiting yourself to this kind of time frame seems to limit your choices and also leaves you hungry later in the evening.  Hubman and I also like to watch Pardon The Interruption, which we would leave on at dinnertime, which was also canceling out the benefit of the family meal.  So tomorrow at 6:00pm, the TV goes off and we will be sitting down to Terraki Pork Tenderloin with rice for Hubman and the kids, a sweet potato for me, and a medley of sauteed corn and greenbeans for everyone.

I have been good for the past two days about journaling my food, and I hope to continue.  Food journaling has always been a weak point for me.  I think in order to stick with it, I am going to have to give myself a small reward weekly, then go down to every other week, and then monthly until this is simply a habit for me. 

I am not looking forward to getting Darling Boy up and out in the morning.  He is usually a little challenging after a weekend, but after a 10 day vacation that included nearly a week at Grandma's I am worried about his mood.  I already told him that no matter how grumpy he was about going back to school on Monday, that I can assure you that his teachers are far more grumpy.

DB also did something funny.  Before he left on his trip, he could not find his wallet which has his school id card.  Thankfully he did not need it for the flight, but its a good picture and he wanted to show it to grandma and grandpa.  I did look around his room for it while he was gone (and used the opportunity to throw crap out, which I think he is used to by now) but I could not find it.  Today he went and looked for it and I helped, we looked everywhere to no avail, when I finally asked him, "Could it be in your I-Coaster Box".  He shrugged and took a peek and there it was! Hubman and I explained to him that putting something in a special hiding place was an awesome idea-however you need to remember where it is.

Now if I can only find my keys.  I had them when I got out of the car after PP's dance class a few weeks ago, and when I decided to go to the grocery store later that day they were gone.  I've searched my car, Hubman's car, and the lot at the farm we got our Christmas tree, but they seemed to simply have vanished.  So now I have to call Saturn and see if they can send me a spare key (I'm using the spare now) and a new fob.   Grrrrr.

So as we all get up and trudge to work today (except for Hubman who is off) I leave you with a cheerful thought as we all get back in the saddle.

Apparently Christina Hendricks is seriously being considered for the role of Wonder Woman in the Wonder Woman Reboot.

 She can fight for my rights in her satin tights anyday!

Happy Monday everyone!

(Hubman and I have resurrected Swing Shift today, if you're interested)


  1. I'm sorry, I love her to death but she's not WW a comic geekette that hurts.

    And I LOLed when I read about DB hiding stuff but not remembering where he hid it. I have really clever hiding spots like that too and can't find things. Good to know I'm not alone.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I was actually kinda pissed at DB for the misplaced wallet incident, b/c of the other ID that's also in there. I'm glad he found it.

    Christina Hendricks? I could watch her read the phonebook, put her in spandex and I'm in heaven!

  3. I needed a couple of sticks of C4 to wake up my kids this morning...and even then, there was only partial wakey wakey....

    Getting Christina Hendricks as the new Wonder Woman? Two thumbs way up!

    Doing a Wonder Woman remake because we are fresh out of new ideas?...disappointing.