Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook

I am still reeling from the events of Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  As the parent of two children, one the same age as many of the slaughtered children, this evil event just rocks me to the core.

Many will be said in the next few days about gun control, mental illness, violence, etc., until we are distracted by something else.

I am still wrapping my thoughts around all of this so a cogent post is not happening tonight.  However, I leave you with the mashup of the Clinton, Bush, Obama speeches following some gun violence tragedies.


  1. "Meaningful action regardless of the politics"

    While I'd love to see that happen, I'm skeptical

  2. My only concern about these policy changes probably means that by the time I can afford that new First Person Shooter game, it's going to be illegal!