Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Still Here

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I got laid off from my job last week.   It was unexpected in that I knew people were getting laid off as things had not been going well at the company in awhile, but I did not know I was among the people.

So this leaves me with a little bit of free time on my hands.  I am busy digging deep into my network, working on my resume and updating my LinkedIn profile.  

As many of you know, job searching can be a soul sucking experience, but I am going to try and keep my sense of humor about me, and hopefully I will find something good soon.

While being unemployed does suck, I have been trying to savor the small perks, like being home when the kids get out of school, or being able to go to one of their activities and not worry about what I am missing at work.

Another nice perk is that when Hubman works from home, I can be at home working with him.  While his deployment wasn't very long this year, it was long enough, and I am so very grateful to have him back home with me and the kids.  I also have a few projects to tackle, like organizing our basement.  When we moved last year we put a bunch of things in the basement and left them there, including a set of my grandmother's china that we have been moving for the past 20 years.  I am excited that I found an auction house to take the china and I will be dropping it off next week, where hopefully it will go to a good home.

I am still working on being fit.  A shoulder injury and the worst winter ever derailed me a little bit, but I am back on the saddle.

No promises, but I am going to try and dust off this old blog too, and try to make blogging a more than annual event.  I've always had things to say, just not always the time to say it.

So happy Thursday to everyone, and since its Thursday, which is Thong Thursday and used to be Half-Naked Thursday, here is a little photo for you.


  1. Welcome back. And sorry about your job loss. Sometimes it is for the best though. Makes you reevaluate things and find out what is really important. Good luck.

  2. Hey, I recognize that butt! :-)

  3. Good to see you're (and your) back!

  4. I know the feeling about having things to say but not getting it done on the blog!! Just trying to hop back aboard myself after a rough patch. Good to see you :)

    Good luck in the job search!!!

  5. First off, you're looking great! The "getting fit" work is beyond apparent.

    I just found out that, unless something new opens up, this Friday is my last day . . . so I'm in the same boat as you are. Strangely, though, this is a somewhat zen-like moment . . . I'm scared, for sure, but I anticipate enough of a severance to allow me to live until we return from our scheduled vacation. From there, well, I think I'll be able to find something - and probably something better.

    Lastly, very glad to hear that Hubman is back, and that you're working him :)

  6. I spent the last 2 months worth of lunches catching up with this blog, and I'd like to say thank you. It has been refreshing. As a mom that enjoys being a mother and everything it brings as well as being a woman and all the adventures that hubby and have the time to enjoy...well, it's great to see that I'm not the only one.
    I would love someday to document what our day to day (and night to night) brings us but right now I've been limited to posting a few select pictures on flickr and describing in 2 lines or less our naughty adventures (the nice ones we have on another account).
    Well, nevertheless, thank you and best wishes to you and your gang.... (and if you are currently writing somewhere else, let me know... I would love to keep reading).